Friday, August 3, 2012

San Diego

I spent the last few days on a college exploration trip to San Diego! My friend's daughter will be attending the University of San Diego next month, and they wanted to visit the campus again to check out the dorm and classrooms.

USD has a beautiful campus with about 5,000 undergraduate students.

Here is the freshman in front of her dorm!

And checking out a classroom!

Gotta love St. Francis - patron saint of animals.

You can't go to San Diego without checking out their zoo - it is one of the best in the country.  We were there in the evening which was a great time to go because different animals were moving around.  This baby giraffe was so adorable!  The leopard was my favorite - look at his gorgeous markings!

The most interesting thing I learned was about the cheetah - seen below.  They are very high strung, and the zoo has discovered that by pairing them with a DOG, the cheetah is much calmer.  Each cheetah grows up with a dog, and they spend their entire time together.  You can see the photos in front of the wall that shows the different cheetahs with their dog pal.  Most of the dogs appear to be labs or shepherds.
We had a nice relaxing day on the beach - lots of people getting in a vacation before school starts back up!

I had a great time in San Diego with my friends - a beautiful place to visit with awesome weather!



laura said...

these are great pictures....still don't see a bobcat...but that is a very interesting fact about the cheetah !! rock on St Francis; and the weather...FANTASTIC !!!!

The Mexican Hillbilly said...

That is such a nice zoo. Seeing the big cats always made me so sad though. It is good they have paired the cheetah with a dog. I don't recall seeing the dog with the cheetahs when I was there but it makes a lot of sense.