Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Violet Journeys

Yesterday was a very sad day in our lives.  Our sweet Violet was helped to the Rainbow Bridge after a brief battle with kidney failure.  He was nine days short of his 13th birthday, but now begins his 10th life at the Rainbow Bridge.

While we have had to endure the pain of losing one of our beloved family members more times than we want to remember, I will say that Violet's euthanasia was the most meaningful one we have experienced.  Instead of being in an exam room at the vet's office, they have a special room they use where there is a sofa and the privacy of a side door for leaving.  I also appreciated that when they took him in the back to insert the port in his vein, they brought him back to us without having administered the first injection that pretty much puts them in a coma.

We took Violet's favorite purple blanket, and it was draped across our laps.  He sat comfortably in our laps while Dr. Baker administered the two injections.  For those who are curious about what exactly happens in an euthanasia, two shots are injected - the first one calms the animal and they go completely limp and relaxed.  Then they inject something that stops their heart.  While it breaks your heart when it happens, it is really very peaceful to witness.  I was most fearful of them not being able to find a vein because even though we had been giving him sub-Q fluids, he was still very dehydrated.  Fortunately, they didn't have trouble getting the port in.

I have been completely overwhelmed and felt so much love and support from my wonderful family of on-line cat friends both on Catster and Facebook.  You all are so eloquent in your words of support and sympathy, and I know you truly love my cats.  Ted and I thank you for helping us get through this.  As one friend said, your pain begins when theirs ends.  How very true . . . . .

Thank you to Dr. Baker at Animal Medical and Surgical Center for your compassionate demeanor.  She was not one of the vets that had seen Violet, but was the only one available yesterday.  It makes all the difference in the world when you have a vet who really seems to care.

Violet was a stray that found his way into our home and our hearts.  He was the talker of the family and a very affectionate kitty who loved nothing more than laying on your stomach in bed and trying to rub on your face or lick your cheek.  He was a very photogenic kitty, and didn't mind wearing an occasional hat or funny bow tie for some of his holiday pictures for Catster.  I know his brother, Gleek, will miss him as they were sleeping pals.

Violet joins many siblings and friends at the Rainbow Bridge, and we know the sky shines a little more purple because he is there.


Eva said...

Oh Laura, I am all chocked up. It is so good to hear that your precious Violet's journey was peaceful. He was in your lap~it can't get better than that.Whoever said that "your pain begins when their ends~really got it right. WOW! The photos of Violet are so sweet. The top one, he is looking right at you. Love them both. Violet was a lucky little boy to be so well loved. Hope Gleek is going to be OK! Love and hugs,Eva

da tabbies o trout towne said...

God’s speed two ewe me butter lovin pal and may God grant yur mawmee N dad peace with de knowledge ewe suffer noe more; may HE comfort them in knowing ewe were met by knot onlee yur familee, but thousands of friends, may God help them understand this wuz knot good bye; merely, until we meet again in heaven.

Who new such a small creature could fill such a vast space; yur earth home; and while yur sister Samoa N brothers Gleek, Inky and Newman remain, yur presence will be grate lee missed.

Eye hope yur mawmee N yur dad noe that az long az they hold yur memoree close, ewe R never mor than a heartbeat away.

Eye hope they noe if ewe could speak, ewe wood tell them both, I love ewe mawmee, eye love ewe dad, and eye Violet, can never tanx ewe enuff for everything ewe did for me.

Eye hope yur mawmee and dad noe by letting ewe go, they showed mor compassion N courage then an armee of 1000’s; eye hope yur mawmee N dad noe ewe left a mark knot onlee on them, but on yur friends as well, that will never bee erased.

May ewe find fields oh clover two roll in, a textile mill fulla fabrics for shreddin, and enuff blue buffalo N butter two feed de werld a baziilion times over, and may bee…just may bee……yur veree best friend in de entire werld; Rocky Ann….

Will become yur wife 

Hugs N all R love buddy
Boomer, Dai$y, Tuna, Sauce and Dude K two

Sharon said...

It is rather shocking to see how much weight Violet lost. He was always such a robust boy. So darn handsome too.

Somehow you always deal with the losses in life with grace and strength. I can see letting go of Violet is no different. He was so fortunate to have found his way into your yard, Laura. My heart goes out to you, Ted, Gleek, and the rest of the family.


Morgan the Pirate Gato said...

I am so glad the Vet was compassionate. What a great idea to have a special room to be able to go to with your beloved baby. I am glad Violet's journey was peaceful - he will be missed by all of us.

Willow says "Power to Da Purple! Unkie Violet was so cool! In no Screwy bees followin him arouns"

Tigger Tales said...

I'm really choked up with grief over Violet. I always thought he resembled my Tigger in a special way.

You are such a good cat mom Laura; it is so evident how much you love your furbabies. Please accept my deep sympathy, love and purrs from my kitties, particularly Tigger.


mimi said...

Laura, thinking of you all. Violet was an exceptionally handsome chatterbox and social butterfly and I hope his 10th life is filled with all things purple and beautiful and peaceful.

Sherrie said...

Laura and Ted, I am so sorry! I know Violet was very special and a big part of your family. I am so glad the he passed while wrapped in your loving arms.

I want you to know that Vivian (now Blackie, Marvin let Avery name her!) is a spoiled rotten little diva!!!! And quite a talker as well. She tolerates Buddy, but seems to follow him everywhere. She's always checking to see what he's up to. She rides around in Marvin's wheel chair and jumps at the window just to tease the birds. The kids adore her and she is much loved.

BeadedTail said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Violet. Tears are streaming down my face but I know that Violet is running free with so many across the bridge including my baby girl Sadie - since she liked cats! It is devastating to lose our furbabies but I know we'll meet again one day. My thoughts are with you and Ted. Sending many hugs! Sharla

Snowdrops said...

I am so very very sorry Laura and ted. Sail on Fair Winds and Calm seas Violet.

"May you see with eyes of light in everdark,
May your mind walk free and unfettered amongst all,
Touching wisely and well.
May you go in peace."

Gayle Greeno

Love and Hugs... Pam Flicka and Lucas

Phyllis said...

Hi Laura,

I've been MIA from blogland for quite a while and have just gotten back to it.

I am so very sorry to read about Violet. I know first hand how painful it is. And yes, it's good to have a kind and cary vet who truly cares. I'm fortunate that way as well.

RIP Violet. You're with so many other beloved pets - including several of mine.

Take care.

Timmy Tomcat said...

It is always so hard to say goodbye to our very special furs.
We send love.

The Mexican Hillbilly said...

So sorry about your friend. They give us so much love and it is always so hard to let one of them go.