Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Kentucky Derby Day!

Here is a flashback to the '50s at Churchill Downs on this 138th Kentucky Derby!

The lady on the left was my Aunt Laura.  Here she is with a couple of friends in the stable area.  Times have changed a lot - they don't allow this any more!

This are was called the Gardens, and it will be packed with ladies in hats today!

Here are my grandparents and a few friends enjoying Derby Day back in 1950!  My grandmother is sporting a stylish hat that I wish I had!  She is on the far right.  My grandfather is on the left in the back.

The one thing that hasn't changed is the tradition for women to wear spectacular hats!  I'll be standing with my hand over my heart and crying during the playing of My Old Kentucky Home . . . . . that is a tradition too!


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Laura back east said...

These are priceless and if bobcats mom not the momma listened to the tabbies she is richer tonight because we said on bobcats latest diary to pick i'll have another coz we liked his nose coloring. !!!!!!