Friday, April 20, 2012

State Tournament

The Notre Dame Prep tennis team plays in the State Tournament today. They are a Division II team and are undefeated going into the tournament. The tournament consists of teams from all over the state, and today's matches are individual singles and doubles. Next Wednesday starts the team singles and doubles matches.

I've really enjoyed watching the team play this season.  These are the five seniors on the team.  The team is only allowed to send one gal to the individual singles and one team to doubles.  Caroline (on the right) is playing in the singles match today - she is seeded #5 in the state!  The gal on her right - Kelsie - is playing doubles today.  The doubles team is seeded #2.

Next week the entire team will play singles and doubles.  Good luck to the Saints!  We'll be there to cheer you on to victory!


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