Monday, February 6, 2012

Cat Room

When we moved to Arizona, we sold a lot of our furniture. I've been checking out not only furniture stores, but several great consignment stores that have really nice furniture - some of which is nicer than what I've seen in the stores.

One of the bedrooms is my sewing room that I call the cat room because I have my cat collection throughout the room. I was so excited to find this awesome piece of furniture this weekend at a consignment store. It was probably half the price of what I would have paid somewhere else.

My favorite part about this piece is the custom paint job - just the style I wanted for this room. The drawer is huge, and there is a lot of space in the area below the drawer. It is also a nice height to use as a workspace.

On the opposite wall, I have my cutting table (I'll share pictures later) and the beautiful portrait of Newman that friends gave me. You'll also see on the shelf one of the three paintings that were done of Calvin.

Do you ever check out consignment stores? It's definitely worth a look!


Starchy said...

That's so purrty!

Mikki said...

I haven't actually checked out consignment stores, guess I'm afraid the prices would still be out of my range. But, I'm sure they have some great deals like you found. Maybe not as inexpensive as thrift stores, but definitely better than full price. I'll have to investigate some one day.
Your craft room looks terrific!

BeadedTail said...

That's a great find and I love all your kitty things!

Laura back east said...

Love that piece!! It reminds me of the ice boxes from days gone ... Icebox and work area were all one piece.. great find :)