Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

On a cool, rainy day, Ted arrived in Arizona to stay for good! We moved here the end of July, but he only stayed a week, and then had to get back to Kentucky to finish up some work projects and hang around until our house sold!

The timing was perfect - we have a buyer for our Kentucky house and will close in a couple of weeks. And he is here in time to watch the cats while I work on one of the crews for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in Phoenix which starts on Thursday.

He was glad to get here after three long days of driving and going through sleet and snow in northern Arizona!

Violet and Gleek were so happy to see their Daddy. Newman hid for about 15 minutes, but then realized who Ted was, and things were back to normal in no time!

We have all missed him so much, and now our family feels complete! Welcome home, Ted!


volcat said...

How sweet ... the boys welcoming their Dad home. btw ... That is some view you have!

The Sweetest Days said...

FINALLY! It must feel so good to have Ted at home with you and the cats. Being alone without your husband to talk to across the table had to be getting old

Should have known you'd be involved in the 3-Day somehow. Good for you Laura!

Mom of Edgar, Salem and Lucy said...

Really lovely pictures! I'm glad that you and the kitties have him home. :~)

De trouterz said...

Welcome home two de dad oh all R pals, de strickland clowder. Sorree ewe dInna get much of a chance ta due sum skiing in flagstaff but ewe hazta noe gleek saved two hares for ewe ta see, violet sacrificed N dinna eat de butter ment for yur toast, newman practissed hidin for three days, inky ordered sum magazines for ewe N they should bee there like ina few N samoa just iz. We noe de mrs bee glad ta see ewe two...sew much sew her is takin off for de week oh end !!!! mol:). Glad ewe hada safe journee, now start enjoyin yur mew home !!! peace out N rock on !!!

Bev Brandy said...

I am so happy that Ted is HOME with you in Arizona. I was especially touched by the kitties greeting him. I have soft spots for Violet and Gleek since they look so much like my Tony.