Monday, October 17, 2011

Shutterfly Free Holiday Cards

I'm a fly girl - Shutterfly, that is! I've been using Shutterfly for years as my go-to place for creating cards, calendars, and photo books. The quality is awesome, and their site is very user friendly - even for those who are technically challenged!

Now is the perfect time to get your holiday cards created. There are so many new designs this year, and you'll love looking through them to find your favorite! Upload your family pictures to an album in your Shutterfly account, and let the fun begin. There are pretty styles to choose from, and your card can be either flat or folded and can contain numerous photos.

As you can see below, I like to create a card for my Etsy customers, and I include my cats' photos on it. This was last year's card.

LinkChristmas photo cards are so easy to create! Pick a favorite photo from a vacation, choose a design, and you can have your cards done in no time!
Here is another card from my collection of Shutterfly creations! The most difficult decision you will have is selecting the design you want to use - there are so many fun ones!
To make your experience even better, you can pre-select the format, size, number of photos, and color that you'd like to use. Then you'll only be looking at the card choices based on your needs.
Of course, you don't have to use Shutterfly only during the holidays. They have greeting cards for all occasions, or you can create a photo card like I did showing Newman and his ferocious tiger bite!

I'm a huge fan of Shutterfly's calendars. I like giving these as gifts because they are unique, fun to create, and beautifully done. I've already done my family calendar for 2012 - yeah, I'm that much on the ball!

If you take a few minutes each month to upload some of your favorite photos to your Shutterfly account, then creating a calendar can be done in an evening. I especially like the calendar feature of being able to list birthdays and other special occasions. The next year, all those events are still in your account, so your creation time is even shorter! You can even put a picture on a particular day. For example, on our anniversary, I have a photo from our wedding day.

There are numerous photo gifts you can make, but my favorite is the photo book! I have created nine Shutterfly photo books. I've made photo books of our vacations, cats, dogs, Susan G. Komen 3-Day event, and even created a photo book as a graduation gift.
Another reason I'm a Shutterfly fan is their specials and freebies! Because I'm on their email list, I get a heads up on special promotions like free shipping, 20% off offers, buy one/get one free offers, and free print offers. I have taken advantage of them all over the years, and as a result I've gotten free calendars, prints, and cards.

Are you a blogger? If you'd like a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season, you can register here!

I also have a promotion code for you for 25 free cards! Enter one of these codes in your Shutterfly account, and you'll receive 25 free cards - what could be better than that as motivation to get your holiday cards done early!


Have fun!


kashmira ali said...

Thank You for the 25 free cards.
This will help us create lifetime memories :)

Tuna N Sauce said...

Saweet. You can betcha trout towne iz going to create some cards !! tank mew newmie for de codes!!
Tuna :)

volcat said...

I just found your Christmas card from 2007 this past weekend with Calvin, Spunky and Sugar. I knew it was pre-2008 because Newman wasn't on there. :-)

Vanessa said...

YAY! I did this last year and am going to do it this year too! Thanks!