Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can't Be Speechless Today!

Today is a special day for two reasons! The most important one is that my handsome hubby is celebrating his birthday. Unfortunately, we aren't celebrating together because he is still back in Kentucky. He went to Ohio for a few days because his Mom got out of rehab after breaking a few ribs in a fall.

When he gets out to Arizona in a couple of weeks, we'll be celebrating not only his birthday, but also the sale of our house! We got an offer yesterday, and the timing couldn't have been better!

I hope the couple and their kids enjoy this house as much as we have. The fifteen years we lived there flew by - I remember seeing that empty lot and trying to envision the house that we were going to build. We have some wonderful memories of holidays shared with family and friends. I'll miss my old Kentucky home . . . . . . .


A New England Life said...

Happy Birthday to Ted! Sorry you have to be so far apart but I'll bet his mom is happy to have him close by on his special day : )

It will be a great house for kids! The family must be so excited! Congratulations on the sale. Excellent news!

Tigger Tales said...

Happy Birthday Ted!

Congratulations on the sale of your home. You had a beautiful home in Kentucky. :)

BeadedTail said...

Happy belated Birthday to Ted! I hope he had a wonderful day and enjoys the celebration with you when he gets back home to Arizona! Congrats on the sale of your Kentucky home too!