Friday, August 5, 2011

Three Long Days!

Two weeks ago yesterday we left Kentucky (after living there for 22 years), and headed for our new home in Arizona!

It was a sweltering day when the movers packed up our belongings. The day after they left, we got new carpet installed in our Kentucky house, and the next day loaded up the cats and headed out!

We originally were going to take four days to get there because we had no idea how the cats would travel. Cats are not known for being good car riders, but after some initial talking, everyone settled down.

There were tolls to pay (what a pain!) . . . . . .

And lots of trucks and big stuff on the road . . . . . .

The scenery often looked like this . . . . .

The scenery in the backseat often looked like this . . . . . . poor Newman was scared and cuddled up to Gleek almost the entire way!

Samoa had her own crate, and the boys were allowed to roam in the little space that was left, but they chose to stay inside the other carriers I had in the car.

Inky was the calmest of the five. Whenever Violet started whining, he would give him a little love bite on the back to keep him quiet!

We arrived in Scottsdale on Saturday late afternoon, and our belongings came on Monday!

Ted deserved a break after three days of driving, so he checked off the items as they came off the truck, and I supervised where all the boxes were placed.

There were almost 300 items - boxes, furniture, etc. It was enough to make your head spin!

The cats have adjusted very quickly, and are enjoying the windows for backyard critter viewing!

Inky has found a favorite place to chillax!

And I've found my favorite place to chillax too!


Snowdrops said...

Oh Ted and Laura and Da Kats,..

Welcome to your new home.. just enjoy.. but if you are like me I HAD to unpack.. everything HAD to be in its place.

New day new life....


Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh laura!
what an amazing journey!
i am so excited for you, ted and the kitties!
welcome home my friend!
a & m

Sandydc said...

That picture of Newman and Gleek is a classic.

Laura on the east coast said...

What a neat story and a nice way to remember this chapter in your life !! Congrats to you and ted and samoa, violet, inky, newman and my "buddy"... Gleek