Monday, August 15, 2011

Sticky Situation!

Not all cacti are created equal! I thought I'd give you a tour of the varieties we have in our yard. The first two pictures are Saguaros. These are the cactus most people associate with the west. It takes 75 years before they grow a side arm, so the ones I have are just youngsters!

The next two photos are what Saguaros look like when they die! I am so excited to have these in our yard because they add such character. The inside is comprised of ribs. Birds and animals make holes in the cacti and create nests.

This is a type of Cholla - called Walking Stick! You might have heard of the Teddy Bear Cholla which has fuzzy top sections. We don't have any teddy bears, but I might have to get one!

We have several Barrel Cactus. This one is a Tall Barrel. They bloom at the top of the cactus - it appears this one has yellow flowers!

This is called a Totem Pole cactus - very unusual! It is called this because of the various sections that resemble faces on a totem pole.

There are different types of Prickly Pear cacti - as you can see in the next three photos.

The fruit on the top of the prickly pear is edible - sometimes called cactus fruit or cactus fig. It has to be peeled carefully to remove the small spines on the outside.

This variety is called Violet Prickly Pear and is so pretty with it's purple hue!

Here are two Hedgehog Cactus - named this because they grow in clumps or mounds.

This is a Columnar Cactus. Right now, what appeared to have been flowers has turned into these hairy white knobs at the top. I'm looking forward to seeing what all these cacti do throughout the year.

This is a Golden Barrel Cactus. The spines on this sucker are lethal!

The next two pictures are not cacti - but are called Agave plants. They are really beautiful, but also have very sharp tips!

I hope you've enjoyed the tour! I have some pretty blooming bushes throughout the front and back yards, so I'll be sharing those with you later!


A New England Life said...

Thats a lot of cacti! Definitely nothing like your previous back yard! Maybe if you live long enough you'll get to see an arm grow ; )

Snowdrops said...

They are beautiful !!!!!

I have a couple of Cholla and the 1st and 2nd Pricky Pears...... I love the variety you have, When I was a kid I collected cacti !

Boomer o Cat said...

Dood V. Ya haz a cactus named after ya buddy !!! saweet:)

Judy (CA) said...

Brings back fond memories of when we lived in Tucson. We had all these in our yard too. We sure had our share of prickers!

Your yard looks beautiful. I love when the cacti bloom.