Monday, August 29, 2011

More Creatures!

I never know what creature is going to be found on or near the house. Last night as I drove in the driveway around 10:00 p.m., I thought I saw something on top of the roof. It was a huge owl! I was hoping he wouldn't fly in the garage, so when I got out of the car, I stepped out in the driveway to make sure it really was an owl. Yep! I'm almost hoping he comes back tonight so that I can try to get his picture.

This morning as I went out the side garage door, I found these two praying mantises. Doesn't it look like they are mountain climbing?

It especially looks that way when you check out the close up. What funny looking insects!

He was praying that I wouldn't do anything to him . . . . . . and I didn't! Do you ever see these around your home?


Snowdrops said...

We get a smaller variety of green ones here !

Laura said...

Had one "hiding"in the day lillies about three weeks ago and he was as green as the leaf. Excellent camoflague !!