Friday, August 12, 2011

Empty Nest!

Well, as I predicted, the babies left the nest early last evening. Since they are just getting used to their wings, they flew in little spurts to different parts of the backyard. Momma is realizing they are more work out of the nest because she has to protect them until they are strong enough to fly away from danger.

And here is the danger - right outside our back fence are some rock clusters, and look what I saw wandering around the rocks! I was so worried that they might smell baby dove and find a way to get in the yard for a midnight snack!

Luckily, both baby doves are okay this morning. Momma keeps flying to the nest to convince them to come back, but they aren't cooperating. They are huddled together - still in the backyard - where I hope they stay until they get bigger and stronger!

1 comment:

Snowdrops said...

Ohh ohhh !

But.. you would be surprised how quick they can be with a fox in pursuit ! Hoping all is well .. a couple of days and they will be alot stronger..