Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh, Deer!

Yesterday morning when my neighbor went out to get his newspaper, look what he found in the front yard! I'm not sure if the baby was born there, or just told to stay there while his mama went out for breakfast.

Of course, all the neighbor kids were checking him out. I was preaching to stay away from him or the mama won't come get him. I'm sure my neighbors don't appreciate me telling their screaming kids to back away, but too bad!

Isn't he precious? Luckily, within a few hours he was gone. Mama must have signaled him to come to the woods behind our homes. It made me feel much better that he was getting some shade, and away from the kids.

Mother Nature doesn't need to send any strays around here - I've got all I can handle with the cats that show up!

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Mom of Edgar, Salem and Lucy said...

Oh how adorable!! You know Norman was what Billy Crystal named the calf in City Slickers. My husband, spoil sport that he is, just kept laughing at that part of the movie because apparently Norman the calf was not the right breed of calf to have come from that momma cow!