Thursday, April 14, 2011

White Elephant!

You certainly can't tell what kind of weather we're having around here based on the Red Hot footwear choices last night! Although, I think you can tell that one of us has been to Florida already!

When it's Mylinda's turn we all know that bingo will be involved - she has 56,320 bingo cards to use up! We played White Elephant Bingo last night, and I was a big winner!

Each of us brought something from around our house that we didn't want anymore. The item(s) were sealed in bags, and if you won a round of bingo, you selected a bag for your prize - along with $$$!

I won three rounds and came away with $9 profit - woo hoo! It pays for my Bunco night tonight! I'm such a party girl!

We can't wait to hear how Phyllis's husband liked the white elephant prize that she won from the baby-of-all-Red-Hots. Let's just say we wonder why Lorie had this item laying around her house in the first place!

1 comment:

Pegasus said...

we're going to have to monitor your yard sale offerings! You went home with more than you came with. :D