Monday, April 4, 2011

Eagle Cam!

Last year I watched an eagle cam, and it is so fascinating. A friend was telling me about a new eagle cam set up which watches a nest where two eggs have already hatched and the third one is almost ready to hatch. You can't help but watch this and be amazed at nature! There are several dead food items in the nest - a fish, a muskrat, and a crow!

Live video by Ustream

Enjoy! And if this video doesn't work, here is the website where you can view it!


Nancy at Carolan Guest House said...

I live in Decorah...just a few miles from where the eagles are. Their nest is situated across the road from the state fish hatchery. My hubby always laughs and says "It's great to live near your favorite restaraunt!" LOL!!!

p.s..I'm a cpk friend of Peggys..

Archie and Melissa said...

oh how wonderful!
i got to see lots of eagles in alaska last summer and they are so amazing.
thank you for sharing this!
a & m