Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chair Progress!

Here is the chair and what I've done to it so far! Ted needs to cut a piece of wood for the chair back that will be covered with padding and then fabric. I still have to make the cushion - the fabric has been cut out, but I'm dreading covering it because it isn't a typical square cushion - it juts out to go in front of the arms.

There was about 30 miles of piping around this chair - held on for dear life with 10,000 staples (at least)! The thought of making that piping was more than I could stand, so I decided to go with black piping.

The search was on. I knew it would be expensive in a fabric store, so the first place to stop is Ebay! You won't believe the AWESOME deal I got on this beautiful piping. Ten yards - with shipping - for $7.36! Yeee Haw!

And forget stapling this piping - I got out the handy glue gun and went to work on it!

The piping is complete (except for what goes around the chair's back piece)!

I'm feeling pretty good about how it looks so far!


Pamela said...

I love this fabric. Modern on an old fashioned chair-but you even updated the look of that with the matte paint. Really nice job.

Pegasus said...

So far so good. love the color you painted the frame! You're doing a great job. :D

A New England Life said...

Lookin' good Laura! What a bargain on the roping too. Your right, that stuff is usually pretty expensive. Ted is so darn handy. I think he's a keeper ; )

Phyllis said...

I would never even attempt this kind of project. I would make a royal mess of it.

You certainly lucked out on the roping. That stuff is Expensive!

DB said...

Chair looks great! Thank for checking out our blog and asking a question. I posted the reply to your comment there, hope it helps! Best-