Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red Hot Candy Fun!

What a great time we had at Pam's house last night! First up, Peggy had Show and Tell on this beautiful owl quilt she made. We've all put in an order for one!

Pam had a wonderful dinner - here is the most important part of it - dessert!

Then it was time for Candy Making 101 - the expert shows us how to do it!

There was pretzel dipping . . . . . . .

and suckers made in molds . . . . . . we all have a new appreciation for the real candy makers. It is a lot harder than it looks!

Candy discs melted in the microwave . . . . .

All tied up and cute in a bucket!

These creations won't last until Easter!

Hey, the Easter Bunny showed up for our foot picture! Don't you love that rug?

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Patty Sumner said...

What fun! Eveything look delicious and the quilt is wonderful! Blessings!