Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arizona Hiking!

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a beautiful area in Scottsdale (14,000 acres) with lots of hiking trails.

Ted spent the morning after Christmas hiking about 9 miles through the McDowell mountains while I went shopping for after-Christmas sales!

Then a couple of days later, we both returned for a four mile hike. It is a popular place with lots of people walking their dogs, and even those brave enough to ride on the trail with bikes.

This is what happens when cactus die!

Here we are moving out of the way for a couple of guys on bikes.

There are so many different types of cactus, but the hills were full of these teddy bear chollas.

That tiny little peak above Ted's thumb is called Tom's Thumb, and he hiked all the way up there when he did his 9 mile hike. My Eagle scout hubby loves a good adventure!

It was so great to see him in his element, and really be able to relax and enjoy without worrying about work!


Snowdrops said...

Looks wonderful... !

Phyllis said...

I'm envious.

It's so sad that people are intentionally slicing the cacti out there. They take so long to grow.

Mikki said...

Are you going to change your blog name when you move to Arizona?
Looks like a lovely way to spend Christmas.
Cactus' are kind of hard for me to have any affection for. They're just so spindly. LOL I do like the Joshua tree though, and some of the blossoms.