Wednesday, December 15, 2010

They Care!

Here is the number one reason you shouldn't send anything too valuable through the mail. This is all that remains of a Christmas card that someone sent me.

I'm glad the postal service cares . . . . . . . it really makes me feel so much better!


Phyllis said...

Gotta luv it!

Pegasus said...

I second Laura! They "lost" a delivery confirmation package that I sent to Steph in Philly. So much for "delivery confirmation"!!

Mikki said...

Well, I'm glad they took more care with your Christmas card.
I got yours in the mail yesterday, or was it Friday??
Wow!!! You guys are moving??? So exciting! You'll only be one state away from me now.

amilyn said...

Had an envelope come just the other day saying a "wrapper" from something I'd mailed was found. They cut out my address and the TO address and put them in the envelope. It had been forwarded as the person had moved. It was a freaking BOX OF BOOKS! No idea where they are. I guess someone got some freebies for Christmas.