Monday, September 13, 2010

Better Than Krispy Kreme!

Newman, here! I took over the MRS. blog today to tell you about the pawsome prize I won over at Life is Art . . . . Art is Life! Emmitt is one of my doggie pals, and his Mom crochets food and sweaters and stuff like that.

I won a doughnut. Emmitt is giving away a doughnut every week in September. Since I was the first one to win, I got to pick which doughnut I wanted!

Here I am bragging to all my siblings that I got a doughnut and they didn't!

The doughnut didn't smell like chocolate . . . . it sort of smelled like Emmitt!

It didn't take long for me to try to stick my face in the doughnut hole!

I love my doughnut, Emmitt! And I sure was happy to get it today because two years ago today is when I got rescued. I was a teeny, tiny, little boy who ran across the road at the right time.

Don't they always say location, location, location . . . . . . and you gotta be at the right place at the right time? I found the purrfect home, and who knew I would one day get a doughnut from a dog!

Thanks, Emmitt!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi newman and laura!

oh emmitt and i are jumping up and down that you like it so much!

what a purrfect day for it to arrive!

happy gotcha day newman!

we love you!

thank you for playing with us!

m & e

A New England Life said...

Newman you are still the cutest thing! And look at you with that donut ... at least it won't affect your waistline ; )

Happy Gotcha Day! I have to say, I remember it well. Your mom fought hard to save you, and just look how things turned out. Life on Easy Street!

Mr. Pip said...

Congratulations Newman! I am hoping to win this week as I love donuts!

I am your new newest follower. Hope we can be friends!

Your pal, Pip

Mikki said...

That is too cute! Is there catnip inside? He sure is doing his best to devour it I think. LOL