Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Round of Dancing!

Dancing with the Stars starts tonight. Look who I drew in the Red Hots pool!

I don't stand a chance, however we have a few extra picks, so if she gets sent packing early, I might still be in the running!


A New England Life said...

She looks huge next to Mark! Looking forward to the show this year though I'm not sure why. They supposed celebs aren't that great. I'm interested in watching Jennifer Grey.

Man are they trash talking her face on the internet, saying she's had way to much work done. I don't know, she looks fine to me. Personally I like her new nose better than her old one.

Darlene said...

I don't usually watch it so all I can say is hope yours does well.

Mikki said...

Jennifer Grey had me all teared up.
I completely missed Bristol's dance, but the judges didn't seem to be too hard on her. I'm kind of hoping she'll do ok. Love the underdog you know?

Phyllis said...

Ugh - you poor thing. I don't want anybody related to SP to win anything (sorry).

Maybe she'll get sent home to mommy dearest soon and you can pick another one!!

btw - your little donut in the previous post is adorable! Emmit looks like he was very interested in trying to eat it.

Admin said...

I just can't wait for Jennifer Grey's performance next Monday! She's just a treat to watch, and my, does she look good at 50 or what?!