Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bucks & Racks!

While making these pink ribbon cookies today to take to Red Hots, I saw two daddy deer in the backyard!

I know we've never seen two together - click on the picture to see it full sized and check out their racks!

Speaking of racks - I'm selling these cookies to the Red Hots tonight with the proceeds going toward my 3 Day for the Cure trek in November! I still have a few bucks to collect toward my goal!


Darlene said...

Those deer are beautiful....great racks!! Those pink ribbon cookies are great....hope you make lots of moola!!

Phyllis said...

Aren't they just incredibly gorgeous!?!

I've seen a young buck twice now this summer with a doe. I usually don't see them till fall.

Cute cookies!

Mikki said...

You are so Punny!!!!
Gorgeous deer.
November surely is creeping up on us fast isn't it? I'll try to get over there someday soon and add a few bucks to your rack fund.