Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Whole Lotta Sandin' Goin' On!

We've got four or five projects going on in the garage right now, so Ted's car has to live in the driveway!

This is an old telephone stand that belonged to a friend of my Grandmother. The seat, which is upside down in this picture, fits underneath the stand, and pivots out when you want to sit down - very unique design.

We had it in our other home and it was stained, but it needed a makeover. Ted is making me a new top piece for it because the original piece was in really bad shape.

I found a quart of Ooops paint at Home Depot for $1.00, so it is getting painted this time around. I'm also distressing the edges so some of the dark shows through.

I'm going to use the table for my sewing machine. The seat is at a perfect height! I'm also thinking of putting some vinyl lettering either on the top or the seat. I've found a cute sewing design at Empressive Designs Etsy shop, and the owner is helping me figure out the right size for the lettering. Click here to see the design I'm thinking of using!

And the other project is this table which is going to start out as a desk top for Ted's office, but eventually end up as a coffee table for me! In the first picture above, you'll see a table at the front of the garage with a black iron base. That will be the base for the coffee table.

Ted has some wood from a huge walnut tree that fell at his brother's house. A guy he works with is going to plane the wood into boards, and Ted will make his table top from that wood. In the meantime, he is going to use this one that we are staining.

There is never an end to the projects around here, and that is one reason I went a whole week without a blog entry! Summer is for being outside . . . . if you can stand the humditity! We try to get started early in the morning on the weekends before it gets too hot.

Stay cool!


Snowdrops said...

Ohhhhhh I love this sort of thing and in England used to do ''projects'' all the time. Here I have nowhere till we move next year.. and then the 1st project it to build the lighthouse. that isnt a joke either.

I love your projects.. would like to see the finished products when you get there !

Hugs for Rocky's Bridge Day too. We so miss him

Mikki said...

That table is really neat!! what a great idea, and I love the vinyl wording you've chosen. Can't wait to see the end product.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh what fun you and ted are having over there!
i love the lettering you chose!
you create magic everyday!

The Muse said...

Oh gosh...it is never ending isn't it? but what we do if we were really done?
I mean really really done?

Lorie said...

Love the design for the sewing table!