Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden's First!

Ted picked the first cucumber from the garden last night. I never used to like cucumbers because of the burp factor, but then someone told me to remove the skins and you won't burp!

So, if you didn't know that, consider yourself told - peel and eat away til your heart's content!

Throw in some salt, pepper, dill weed, cherry tomatoes, and drizzle on Paul Newman's Italian dressing, and you've almost got dinner ready! Is your mouth watering yet?

In a little over four months, I'll be trekkin' in Arizona in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I'm still trying to reach my goal, and I'm currently having an auction! All proceeds from the BUCKS4BOOBIES auction will go toward my goal.

Stop by if you have a few minutes and bid - the items have very low opening bids, so you're sure to get a deal if you bid! Instructions for bidding are on the left side of the blog. I'm adding new items every day, so check back often!

Thanks for helping me reach my goal!


Darlene said...

Thanks so much for that tip! I LOVE that cucumber salad you are showing but I had stopped eating them because of that burp I can't wait to eat it again!

A New England Life said...

I didn't think the skins had anything to do with it, that's why they sell burpless cucumbers.

My mom used to serve them dinner, but my own family would look at me like I had two heads if I put them on the table. Maybe I just will! LOL!