Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Luck!

Last night my hubby was cutting grass, and he asked me to pick up a bunch of sticks that had blown out of the trees.

While I was doing that, I found a four leaf clover, and also another five leaf clover! It is so rare to find a five leaf clover - like this one below that I used for Speechless Sunday - but to find two of them is really unique!

I brought them in the house and placed them under two candle jars on my kitchen island. Newman jumped on the counter to see what I was doing, and I made him get down.

I went back outside, thinking that after the clovers flattened, I would take pictures of them. When I came back in, I noticed one of the candle jars was pushed off the runner that was in the middle of the island.

I picked it up, and no five leaf clover in sight! Not on the floor . . . . . . probably in Newman's belly! I looked under the other jar and the four leaf clover was still there. I went upstairs to get something and about ten minutes later when I came back down, the other candle jar had been moved.

I picked it up, and no four leaf clover in sight! Not on the floor . . . . . . probably in Newman's belly!

That little stinker . . . . . . .


Doreen said...

Good find -- how are you at finding a needle in a haystack? Newman is just curious -- he looks like he is saying "What? I didn't do it." hehehe

Mikki said...

Silly smart Kitty!!! He must want some good luck too.

Diana G. said...

Newman!!! Hahahaha

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