Monday, March 29, 2010

Measuring Time

How do you measure the passing of time? If you have children, their birthdays are probably the way you realize how time has passed.

Things are a lot different in the world of the child-free family. For as long as I can remember, I've put dates on our calendar . . . . . . birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, deaths - not just our families, but also many occasions in the lives of our friends. It is my way of remembering them. I'm not always very good about sending out cards on certain occasions, but I do keep them in my thoughts on that day.

Today is the third anniversary of Autumn's journey to the bridge. You might think it is silly to keep a remembrance of that day, but every one of the dogs and cats that have shared my life have brought something special to it, and I owe it to them to keep them in my thoughts on a day that changed the complexion of our family.

Autumn was a feisty little girl, and she loved life. She was rescued from a camping area in Indiana when Ted and I had taken a weekend getaway with our dog, Patoka. It was Ted's birthday weekend. Autumn followed us around because she was interested in playing with Patoka. She slept outside our cabin. I gave her food, and a flea collar. And I cried the entire weekend for this malnourished stray.

Ted said it was the worst birthday ever. But it was also the best birthday ever because when we drove back to Louisville, Autumn was in the car with us. We took her straight to our vet's office to get cleaned up and spayed while we came up with a plan to find her a home.

We tried to pass her off as a beagle to one of Ted's colleague's boys. They took one look at her and said, she's not a beagle!

Thank you for not being a beagle, Autumn. Those boys missed out on a great dog! We'll always remember your gentle nature.

P.S. Happy 21st birthday yesterday to Zack!


Nancy Medina said...

A beautiful tribute to a soul who was divine long before she reached heaven. Laura I am so glad you loved her so, and I know you will never forget her, and neither will I.

Starchy said...

It's not silly at all! I remember almost down to the minute when all my babies had to leave me.

I can't believe it's been three years!

Darlene said...

Yep, animals bring us so much joy. It is sooooo hard when they pass on. What a beautiful rememberance of beautiful Autumn.♥

Anonymous said...

autumn was a very fortunate dog. I remember when you brought her home. A bad birthday for Ted but a great day for Autumn.
Barb b

Mikki said...

Sweet post Laura. I agree that it's not the least bit silly. These sweet, gentle creatures are a great gift from our Father in Heaven, and if we didn't truly appreciate them, we would be less human for it. I'm glad she was lucky enough to find you to be her mama!

Snowdrops said...

There is nothing silly about remembering Love