Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Call Me . . . . . Or Not!

I'm declaring today a no-phone day! Isn't it pathetic that people can't enjoy doing anything anymore without constantly checking their phone for text messages or phone calls? Are you really that important? Really?

Before I left for my training walk around the neighborhood, I called AT&T because my house phone has been humming and full of static. Of course, I didn't get to actually talk to someone - the entire report was done by me either talking to some recorded gal or punching in numbers.

She mentioned something about an $85 service charge, blah, blah, blah, couldn't hear the entire message because of all the static.

So, as I'm enjoying my walk and listening to all the birds singing, my cell phone rings. It only rings twice and then it stops. I noticed that it was my mother-in-law. So, I called her back because her sister has been in the hospital for a week due to low blood platelets. As you may remember, these are the two gals that gained me sainthood.

Well, after the phone call, I know my sainthood is still going strong! My MIL can't hear on the cell phone - with or without hearing aids. So, on her original call to me, she didn't know how many times it had rung, and didn't know if I had even answered it.

It was a miracle that she answered when I called back, but the entire conversation was one sided because everytime I tried to say something, she would blurt out, I can't hear anything on this phone! She wasn't even sure when to hang up but luckily someone else was in the room, so I got all the scoop from them.

As I headed home, I saw the AT&T guy in my yard working on my home phone. He discovered that it was a problem on the outside, so I won't be charged anything. I was impressed that they came out that quickly. AT&T must be hurting for business . . . . . . or wants to impress me so that I'll switch my cell phone to them.

If they make a phone my MIL can hear on, I might consider it . . . . . . .

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Snowdrops said...

You might perhaps ask AT and stupid T for me why they cant make their message machine work. We get them rarely on the day... sometimes 5 days later.. and often never. I am sick of talking to robots.

Speaking of robots.. my blog got listed as a ''Spam Blog'' by today. They apologised for their Robot spam detectors.. and at least have allowed it to be seen ... but cant ''unlock '' it till its been reviewed.

Phones ??? Robots ??? ENOUGH !!!!