Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Birthday to Remember

Today is my Dad's birthday . . . . he would have been 89 years young. Despite being almost 86 when he passed away, he never seemed like an old man to me.

I've missed him so much the past three years. It still feels strange that someone who was in my life for my entire life is no longer here. I guess you never really get over that feeling.

We plan to celebrate his life tonight by going out to dinner. We won't have the waiters sing Happy Birthday because he hated that more than anything. I'm sure the angels singing to him will sound better than any waiter could!


The Muse said...

Laura, I know...yes I really KNOW, how you feel...hugs to you dear one.

And indeed, heaven will be in a resounding chorus today :)

vwestermeyer said...

I lost my dad 32 years ago and still miss him so very much. I loved your post today and am sure that the happy birthday chorus is ringing very loudly in heaven!