Monday, February 1, 2010

So Annoying!

In my quest to become a saint, I've had to be on hold several times the past few days. It definitely ranks right up there on the list of annoying not-in-your-control things. The music that is played is annoying too, and then when you think someone is about to talk to you, it is the guy who is telling you how important your call is, and all representatives are still busy!

On Saturday, we got a Notice of Levy on my parents' 2007 tax return. Ted was going to check into it. He was on hold for over 20 minutes, and then they couldn't help him because he isn't the Executor on the account.

So, it was my turn. After being on hold for over a half an hour, I found out that over 6 notices were sent out last year. Hmmmm, wonder why we didn't get it? Because they sent it to their old house . . . . . the house that was sold in 2008 . . . . . where mail is no longer being forwarded.

But, then last month we got something from the IRS wanting to verify if my address was the correct address for my parents. If they knew my address last month, why didn't they bother to check that over a year ago when they started sending out these notices? Put that on my list of annoying things too!

What is on your annoying list? If being on hold isn't one of them, go ahead and add it. Trust me on this one!


The Muse said...

i second this...whole heartedly!

(well i would second it...but i'm on hold)

Mikki said...

I absolutely agree. I hate holding. It always seems to take forever to get a human being, and even then I usually regret it. Half the time they have such a thick foreign accent that I can't understand them, or they're no help whatsoever.