Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Exactly A Groundhog!

What does it mean if a llama sees his shadow?

This cute guy and his brother, or maybe it's his sister, live down the road and around the bend. I wonder if they spit at people like camels do? Okay, in case you want to know, I just read that if they are reared correctly, they will not spit at humans. But they will spit at each other occasionally.

Sounds like kids to me . . . . . . . .


The Muse said...

Hi Ms Laura...
Seems like Mr Phil has a lot of competition recently...I don't think too many are happy with his findings.. :)

Having had some experience with kids and camels (no lamas, though) I do believe spitting is considered an art form in some circles..LOL

Cute post!

Love & Heaven's Blessings,
The Muse

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Darlene said...

That does sound like a kid....hehehe.

Hope you are enjoying your evening.♥

Nancy Medina said...

What a cute critter Laura - Howie wants to come visit you and kitties and take some spitting lessons from your neighborllama. He will undoubtedly be trying out those skills on his sister. Please tell him no, the inn is full of kitties, if he calls.

A New England Life said...

I feel bad for Phil, dragging him out of that hole like they do. It's awful!

I love a Llama! Too bad they don't love me back. They always have sceptical look on their face, like they're looking at a serial killer. And don't even think about patting them. That's NOT going to happen! Smart critters. They're supposed to be good watch dogs too!
I tried to convince Brent years ago that we needed a Llama. Somehow he wasn't buying it.

Phyllis said...

aww - I think llamas and alpacas are so cute. I thought about getting a couple of alpacas for a while but decided I have enough critters to take care of.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

i love llama faces!
they are so cute!
they always make me smile!

The Muse said...

swinging by to wave hello!