Friday, January 22, 2010

Weird Weather!

Well, we're not having massive amounts of snow, or major flooding like in other areas of the country, but it has been very foggy the past few days. This picture was taken while I was driving home this afternoon. We're supposed to maybe be in the 60's tomorrow and 30's all next week! I'd just like to see the sun again soon!

I was happy to see on the news that the dog in California that was stuck in a flooded area was rescued by helicopter today!

Stay safe!


Darlene said...

Hi Laura,

We have had several days of nice weather but it has been really foggy in the mornings. We are supposed to get a cold front coming in late next week with the possibility of some snow.

YAY for the doggie rescue!!!!

The Muse said...

I saw that doggie rescue on tv...he was so scared...poor thing!

And you are right about the weather..we got more snow! i could not believe it :(

Hoping for warmth...
Where is my sunshine???

A New England Life said...

It does get rather depressing when you don't see the sun for several days. Here its been beautiful and sunny every day so I can't complain. It hasn't even been that cold! Well, 30's but that's not bad for January. Hard to believe the month is almost over!

I didn't watch the dog video. My heart always breaks with these kind of things even when there is a happy ending.

Mikki said...

We even had fog here in Vegas this past week, very unusual for us.
It's kind of nice for us to get some rain, but I really prefer it in the summertime, then it helps cool things down a bit.