Monday, January 25, 2010

Saint Laura of Louisville

I became a Saint over the weekend. I heard it takes three miracles to become one. In my case, it only took two miracles because the case involved two 80+ year old women!

What miracle did I perform, you ask?

I got one of those 80+ year old women, my mother-in-law, signed up for automatic bill pay for her main bills - electric, gas, phone, cable, garbage pickup, and water. Now, you may think this was an easy task, but add in the factor of her being practically deaf on the phone, and you'll understand why it was more difficult.

And then there is the other 80+ year old woman - my mother-in-law's sister. She is not married, has no children, and refuses to get either a power of attorney or a will. I think I convinced her to let me get her bills automatically paid too. Oh sure, I had to pull out the 'ole what if you have a stroke and can't sign your name story. She is one tough nut to crack. Her main concern was not being able to balance her checkbook to the penny.

Here are two items to add to the list of things you don't want happening to you when you get old - stubbornness and deafness! And is it really that important to balance your checkbook to the penny? I'm not convinced!


A New England Life said...

I'm telling you Laura, we need a support group!

You did a good thing even if they don't know it. Good luck on the rest of the stuff. You'll need it ; )

Mikki said...

St. Laura of Louisville,,, it has a great ring to it. Good job. Must have been tough. I can't even imagine.

Nancy Medina said...

St. Laura, are you wearing your red hot shoes with that outfit? ; )

Pegasus said...

what great feats you've performed! What else is up your sleeve?? :00