Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Curiosity Kills 'Em Every Time!

I locked the cats in a bedroom yesterday while the carpet was being cleaned. Funny how they can spend the entire day in that bedroom every other day of the week, but the minute the door gets closed on them, staying in one place takes on an entirely new meaning!

Banging on the door didn't get them what they wanted, and as soon as the machine started making noise, they decided being in the bedroom was a good thing.

Of course, the minute I let them out, they had to explore!

We finally got everything moved back in place, and it feels good to have clean carpet - at least until the first hairball comes up!


Darlene said...

Cats are just too funny aren't they?!?! Mine do the same thing....they want to be somewhere till you "trap" them, then LET ME OUT!!! I bet it does feel good with clean carpet. Also, it always smells fresher.

Oh, and yes it is a Tufted Titmouse bird outside my window. We have a lot of them. Sooooo cute.

Mikki said...

Silly little kitties.
Your carpets look great!!!! Hope the hairballs stay away.

Phyllis said...

Don't you just love clean carpets?! Of course, when you live with animals they don't stay clean for long.

I had had so many foster dogs through here that I finally tore up all carpeting except in one of my rooms. I put laminate down in one room and the rest just have painted sub-flooring. It works fine till I can afford something better.

cpknancy said...

Why is it, cats always pick the room with the palest carpet to "hock up" a hairball on? Mine would always make a mad dash for my bedroom with the off white carpeting, even if they were at the complete other end of the house when they starting doing their hairball "thing". I've now got laminate flooring throughout the new house, but they STILL always manage to dump the hairball on one of my area carpets.

The Muse said...

Aren't kitties glorious!
They keep us on our toes and keep our sides sore from all their antics!

Wow...carpet looks great...fingers crossed for a HALT to the
of hairballs!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh i just love clean carpets too. hug the kitties for me!
happy friday!