Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Year Has Gone By

It was three years ago today that my Dad passed away at the age of 85. I hope I live to be 85, and I hope I look and act younger than 85 when I get there. He did.

There are times it feels so strange to not have my parents around. I guess when you've had someone in your life for your entire lifetime, you don't even think about what it will be like when they are no longer part of it.

But, you can still imagine how they would react to certain things. Take last night, for example. My Dad was a huge U of L fan. Now, if you know anything about the state of Kentucky, you know that basketball is the #1 college sport. And the biggest rival for the University of Louisville is the University of Kentucky. Blue was my Dad's least favorite color!

So, last night when the #1 ranked University of Kentucky Wildcats played South Carolina, and the headlines this morning said:

No. 1 and Done: Kentucky Falls to South Carolina

I knew my Dad would be smiling!


Darlene said...

Yes, I know he would!!!

It is very difficult to think of life without my parents. I know the time will come but I hope it is a long, long, LONG time from now.

A New England Life said...

You are a part of your parents so at least you saw the game for him.

Your dad lived a good long and loving life. Hopefully you and Ted will do the same. You always have such great pictures with your parents. They were the best, Laura : )

Anonymous said...

You know how my heart hurts for you where is comes to your mom and dad. I hope when you think of your mom and dad you can consider them on holiday in another country that does not have technology yet...HEAVEN

HOWEVER, COME ON Laura .... Even though your dad and Ted had/have to endure the animal kingdom you and your mom can't live without, I thought you were a CATS fan!

I would have to have a "preachy" moment with your dad about his smug little giddy gratification (like whose the LOSER this season) LOL

I love ya girl! RHPGIRL

Pegasus said...

You are absolutely right! Not a day goes by that I don't think, "gee Pop would have loved this" or "this was Pop's favorite!".

They are always with us!!