Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Years Ago

Two years ago tonight I lost my Dad. In some ways, it seems like only yesterday. So much has happened in those two years.

We had lost Ted's Dad the previous month. We both agreed that our Moms were probably better able to handle being alone rather than our Dads. And now all we have left is Ted's Mom.

Only Dad's age was 85 - you would have never thought he was that old. I told you he had two favorite sayings. The one I remember and use the most is the phrase on his hat.

A pint's a pound the world around!

You'd be surprised how many times you think about that phrase when you're trying to remember how many ounces in something, or what does a something measure.

My Dad was the Go-To guy in the neighborhood. Anytime someone had a plumbing problem, needed a tool, or wanted something fixed, he was the one they called. Since his death, there have been so many times that Ted and I would think about calling him for advice on one thing or another.

There were times growing up that he was my biggest enemy, but as an adult, he was my biggest fan. He loved woodworking, chatting on the computer with his buddies, U of L sports, his Oh Hell card group, and animals (despite acting like he didn't!). He adored my Mom . . . . . . . adored her. . . . . . . put her on a pedestal . . . . . . did anything and everything for her. I think that is partly why she only lasted seven months without him.

He had a small stroke with few side effects. In doing testing in the hospital, they discovered he had pancreatic cancer. The cancer had already traveled to the liver. He spent some time in a rehab facility, and all he wanted to do was go home. We finally got him home, and one week later he died. He survived about two months after diagnosis. We were with him when it happened. It was the first time I've actually witnessed someone dying. It's something you never forget. And then we did it all over again seven months later. And I'll never forget that either.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hidden Until Snowfall!

Look what I discovered on my way to the mailbox today! It reminds me of that story about a tree falling in the forest - if no one is there, does it make a sound?

I know, one has nothing to do with the other, but that is what popped in my head, okay? Somehow make a connection here . . . . . work with me people!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Road Trip!

We enjoyed our road trip to Frankfort last Saturday, so we decided to venture out again to day to hit up Versailles and Lawrenceburg - near Lexington, Kentucky. With my internet printed list of antique stores and flea markets, we started our day full of anticipation!

As we got off the Versailles exit, our first stop was at at this candy store! Rebecca Ruth is famous for their bourbon balls and who can resist a good bourbon ball? Well, me for one. I can't stand the taste, but Ted took one of their samples.

Feeling like a kid in a candy store, we chose some other yummies to take with us.

We should have stopped our adventure and turned around right there, because it all went downhill quickly. We were using Paulina to guide us - she is my navigator in the car, and she must have been out partying late last night because she got very confused on her directions to our shopping stop. The on-line description of this antique/flea market read like this:

Be prepared to stay all day because this is one huge place!

We turned around despite her continual yelling to make a U-turn. Well, she can recalculate all she wants, we were finding this baby on our own! We found it and there wasn't a car in the lot. I guess that is because the place has been closed for who knows how long!
No worries, we still had plenty of places on the list to seek out. Next stop - downtown Versailles to another antique mall - gotta love the word mall in the name because you know it's gonna be good.

The sign in their window said they had moved . . . . . to a new location. We made our way around the corner to find out that today was moving day! Very little was set up, and we stayed about five minutes!

Onward and upward to Lawrenceburg where we passed this very cool bridge next to the Turkey Hill Distillery.

The place we wanted to visit was . . . . . you got it . . . . . . closed! We ended up at Walmart of all places! As we headed toward the bathroom, there was a guy getting ready to clean the Ladies Room. He had his closed for cleaning sign all ready to put in front of the door!

I had to laugh - WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

Despite not making it into one store that contained anything that resembled an antique - well, except maybe the guy cleaning the bathroom, we had a fun day!

Time for a piece of candy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My trigger thumb came back. I'm hoping the pain will be taboo since I got a shot today!

We had Red Hots tonight at Peggy's house since she couldn't make it last week. We had a yummy dinner and then played Taboo.

We found out that Mylinda is taboo on the subject of a certain hairdresser in town. And from our group picture, it looks like someone has said taboo to shoes! Can you tell it's winter by looking at all the dark pants and shoes?

I'd like winter to get the taboo out of here!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just an Old Fashioned Love Song!

When I visited One Wired Woman's blog the other day, she had Love is in the Air playing. Well, thanks to her, I can't get that song out of my head!

I'm sure I was singing it when I was in Walmart the other day. I noticed they still had Christmas stuff and there were quite a few red ribbon wreaths. I have a feeling they got these too late to put out in time for Christmas. I knew it would make a cute Valentine wreath - $1.50 for the wreath!

Add in some erasers, a cute paddle from one of those paddle ball thingies, and heart ribbon from the Dollar Tree!

Be sure your helper is on the counter checking everything out, grabbing an eraser, getting too close to the glue gun, and generally assisting only the way a cat can assist!

Attempt a few pictures with the assistant making sure the ribbon is firmly attached!

Not bad for under $5! I can't decide if I want to keep this in the house or put it on the front door!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Dome Day!

We spent the afternoon in Frankfort - our state capitol. This is the floral clock that sits in front of the capitol building. The center area of the clock is in the shape of the state. You can imagine how pretty this looks in the summer when it is in full bloom!

We went to a few antique shops. My only purchase was this large dome and base. It stands about 11 inches high, and the price? Five dollars! I know, you can't believe it . . . . . neither could I!

All I need now is a pheasant!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Master Bedroom

I saw on MSNBC that the painter Andrew Wyeth died today at the age of 91. One of his paintings is below, entitled Master Bedroom.

I bought this print years ago and had it framed because it reminded me of our dog Autumn. It hangs in our master bedroom over the bed.

Only now, there are cats sleeping on the bed instead of a dog!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey Paula!

Do y'all love to watch the cooking shows? I do! I'm not a huge fan of doing the cooking, but I do love to watch others. When I saw Paula Dean make some easy peanut butter cookies, I thought I'd give them a try, y'all.

Only ingredients needed - Splenda, peanut butter, egg, and vanilla - stuff you have on hand, y'all! No flour needed, and the way Paula was ooohing and ahhing, y'all, I just knew I was gonna love them.

Cause as Paula says, Don't y'all just love a good peanut butter cookie?

Well, y'all, let me be the first to tell y'all that these are the worst peanut butter cookies I have ever tasted in my life! And I say that with the most sincere southern accent I have. If you bake them the time intended, they are drier than the Sahara. If you undercook them just a tad, you don't choke from the dryness, but the taste is not pleasant!

That's why I'm not giving y'all the recipe. I'm tellin' y'all, these cookies are enough to make you never watch Paula Dean again!

So, instead of trying these, I recommend y'all buy a box or two of Do Si Dos from your local Girl Scout. Y'all won't be disappointed!

Don't You Hate When That Happens?

So, I walked into the bank, and some gal at the desk was trading Presidential Inauguration pins with people that came in. I asked if I could have one, and the next thing I know, I'm judging the Olympic clown competition.

All these people who were hanging around the bank stood up and some of them started singing. And this one huge clown had a bird as a hand. I'm not talking about a bird on his hand . . . . . his hand was a bird!

And his song seemed to go on forever. But he was a really good singer. And the gal sitting next to me touched the bird when he stood in front of her. I wasn't about to touch that skinny, black bird who was losing his feathers.

And then I woke up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold In Red Hot Land!

Tonight was Red Hots. However, our Red Hot hostess was sick, so we're going to try again next week if she feels better. Because the date was already on our calendar, we decided to meet for dinner.

It was a blustery cold night, but Pam brought the bling to warm up the place! No, those are not age spots on her hands. I'm sure it is my camera malfunctioning.

We went to Buckhead's, and Sharon brought along the new year's resolutions we had made last January. We decided that an attempt was made to meet most of them, and I think rollover is allowed!
We had written down some resolutions and placed them in this box. At the time, we had all added a scribbly on the front of the box. Can you find mine? Meow!

Mark was our waiter. Pam bonded with him because they both have a connection to Ohio . . . . or something like that . . . . . . I think Pam just likes flirting with waiters!

And I'm stealing this idea I saw on some gal's blog. Each month when we meet, I'm taking a photo of our shoes.

Of course, you can't tell the group you're going to do this without hearing:

Why are you doing that?

I wish I had known, I would have worn cuter shoes.

Can I show my sock instead of my shoe?

As you can tell, we have a real trust issue in the group! We've seen our photos show up in unflattering ways, so whenever a camera is in our midst, suspicion follows . . . . . . . . . .

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Whole Lot of Hubbub!

The man in brown just delivered the free photobook that OurHubbub generously gave me! My biggest problem is not being able to spell Hubbub correctly, so I apologize to them in previous posts where I've left out one of the b's!

After my initial learning curve which is typical the first time you create something like this at a new site, I found their site fairly easy to navigate. I had some initial frustrations because I started the book before the holidays, and then didn't work on it again until this month. I switched themes and was unable to find the photos that I had already uploaded. Darcie told me there is a way, so not all my brain cells were working that day!

I like the colorful cover I chose for Newman's book! They have different design themes you can choose, but even though you've chosen a theme, you are able to select from a variety of background designs for each page.

One item that is different from the Shutterfly books I've created is the first and last page. The Shutterfly books have an opening and closing sheet of paper (black in the larger photo books, and white in the smaller ones) which I think is a nice touch. The OurHubbub book opening and closing page is printed right on the hard front/back cover. They do offer a cutout front cover where you see a picture through an opening, however, I decided to select this one for Newman.
They have an area called Stickers for decorating your pages. This includes words, as shown on the page below, Goofin Around, as well as pictures, photo corners, scrapbook elements, and shapes.

Each photo can have a Border and/or a Frame. You can size these and change their color and/or design. Even though you have selected a layout for your pictures on a page, you have the ability to move those around and also resize them - nice feature!

Here are a couple of the Scrapbook elements which I really liked. I hope they add a lot more of these! You can also add a text box anywhere on the page.

The quality of the book and pages are excellent. I would definitely try them out again in the future.

So, my final grade for OurHubbub is 4 paws out of 5! For me, improvements would be adding more background selections and some tweaking in the editing area. Give them a try the next time you plan to make a photobook!

Sunday, January 11, 2009