Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's exciting to glance outside and see big wings fly by! I ran upstairs to get the camera, had to change lenses, and he was still hanging out in the tree!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture - I was taking it through the kitchen window, and he was pretty far away.

Okay, you hawk experts - I'm talking about you, Sharon! - is this a red-tailed hawk?


A New England Life said...

No mam, it's not a Red-tailed hawk. Though I'm not certain, I believe you have a Red Shouldered Hawk.

Gotta love those Hawks, especially when you see them in your backyard. Good capture Laura!

Laura said...

Thanks Sharon! I knew you would know. A friend of my parents who also read my blog sent me an email saying it was a red shouldered hawk. She said they have two that show up every morning in a tree in their front yard!

Grace from Catster said...

He is a red shouldered hawk. We have one around our yard too and he is just magnificent! We saw him abduct one of our chipmunks once though. I guess he has to eat too!