Friday, November 20, 2009

A Partridge at the Foot of the Steps!

For various reasons, we haven't had a Christmas tree in several years. We usually get a live tree, and yesterday I decided to check out Garden Ridge to see if I could get a deal on an artificial tree.

Now I know why we get a live tree. The artificial trees are pathetic - unless you want to spend $300. I'd rather get new clothes than a $300 fake tree.

But, I'll spend $35 on two 4-ft. trees that are called "front porch trees". They come with a nice pot and already have the lights on them. And they were on sale - $35 for two - what a deal! And instead of putting them on the front porch, I can put them on tables, out of reach from most of the cats.

I said most of the cats. Newman is not most of the cats! Last year when Michaels had all their Christmas picks 90% off, I bought a whole slew of birds and feathers and glittery greenery. After I brought those trees home, I got excited about putting all the birds and stuff on them.

Apparently Newman was excited about it too.

I put one of the finished trees in the sunroom on a table, and one in the living room on a stand. He checked them out, but was very good . . . . . . . . . until around midnight when I heard him messing around downstairs.

I got my flashlight and went downstairs to check out the noise, and there it was at the foot of the steps.

A bird.

I should have known better!


Tuna said...

Whoa....way ta go my friend...ya noe there be like 12 days o catmis, sew if ya keep puttin partridges at de foot o de stairs for de next tue weeks or sew, yur bound ta get sumthin nice in yur stockin !!! peace out N rock on...your pal; tuna: de bad seed

Darlene said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean. If you were following me last year at Christmas we had just gotten Midnight and she was a definite mess with everything. I know this year will be just as bad!!

Phyllis said...

Yep - you can count of the cats to get into the decorations for sure!

Last year I bought a fresh-cut table top tree. It was just under 2ft tall and was absolutely beautiful with all my bird ornaments on it. I doubt I'll ever get anything else now.

Pegasus said...

Cute story...Just like a kid...errr...I mean a cat...they play with what they are not supposed to when you're not looking.

Doreen said...

Awe Newman LOL