Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Their Memory

Today would have been my Mom's 78th birthday as well as her twin sister, Phyllis. This is my favorite picture of Mom - what a beauty!

Today I signed up to walk in the 2010 Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure! I'll be walking 60 miles over three days in Phoenix, Arizona (land that I love)! I'm joining the Trekkin' for Ta Tas group which is led by a Catster friend I can't wait to meet.

Every participant has to raise $2,300. I know I can do it with a little help from my friends!

I'll be walking in memory of my Mom who survived breast cancer twice - 25 years apart. She also survived ovarian cancer.

I'll be walking in memory of Mom's twin sister, Phyllis, who lost her life to ovarian cancer.

I'll be walking in memory of my cousin, Linda, who passed away in May of this year from breast cancer.

I'll be walking in honor of my Dad's sister, Bernadine, who survived breast cancer.

I'll be walking in honor of Ted's cousin, Kris, who is currently battling breast cancer.

Cancer stinks! Walking 60 miles will be a piece of cake!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh what a beautiful post! thank you for the opportunity to support you on your walk for the cure!

Anonymous said...

WOW, that will be an accomplishment! I'm sure you will make your goal. PG

A New England Life said...

I'm not sure that it will be a piece of cake but it will be a life changing experience! I'll do what I can to help you reach your goal.

You mom was such a beautiful woman Laura. I swear you look just like her too. I hope you celebrated today in her honor : )


Mikki said...

That's a gorgeous shot of your mom, I definitely see the resemblance Laura!
I hope you reach your goal. I'll try to get back over and support you, (as soon as I have some spare $$).
What days are your walk on?

Phyllis said...

Oh, Laura - your mom was beautiful. Your family has had way more than its share of cancer, which touches the lives of almost everybody in one way or another.

I'm sure you'll meet your goal; I wish I could help with that. I'm home this a.m. with no car - 2nd issue in less than a week - and now way to my temp assignment.

God bless you for participating in the walk and all those you will be helping!

Laura said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! I don't walk until next November, so I have a year to collect the money and to get in shape!

Doreen said...

Not only was your Mom a beauty she was a very nice person as was your Dad. What a great way to honor the special people in your life.

Together We Save said...

You mom is beautiful. You are too, inside and out. Good luck with your walk.


Snowdrops said...

Beautiful Lady... and Ladies...

Know that my heart will be with you.