Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Donny Rocks!

I'm proudly wearing my vintage I heart Donny pin today in honor of his great win last night on Dancing with the Stars! Hopefully Red Hot Mama's daughter won't go looking in her stash for this pin cause it's now mine . . . . . . . all mine!

The Red Hots draw names each season for Dancing with the Stars. They all wanted to give me Donny's name, but I said I wanted to be fair, and if it was meant to be, it would happen.

Since there were more dancers than Red Hots, the extra names went to the person who had the first kicked off dancer.

I had to go through Ashley Hamilton, Debi Mazar, and Natalie Coughlin to finally be able to draw Donny's name! It was meant to be! And I won $30 to make it even better! Congratulations Donny and Kym.


Scrap-n-Crap said...

just rub it right in!! You know it's all in fun. BUT, I think Donny had a much bigger fan base than Mya! :0)


Andora said...

I think he rocks toooo!!!!

Darlene said...

I didn't end up watching it but I kept track each week and kept my fingers crossed that he would win!♥

A New England Life said...

I thought of you Laura! I knew you'd be really excited!

Mya was the better dancer but she had a boring Free Style while Donny's was very uptempo and classy. Of course she also isn't nearly as well known as Donny. Let's face it, he's like America's Sweetheart. Looking dang good for 51 too!

Mikki said...

WhooHooo!! Go Donny, go Donny, go Donny!!! We were so thrilled in my house when he got the nod. I was really worried Mya would get it.

Doreen said...

Red Hot Mama's daughter probably doesn't even remember she had a Donny pin besides she lives in the city of the "Donny and Marie" show. She hasn't gone to see him so she must not be that big of a fan.