Saturday, September 19, 2009


While I was in Florida, my Calvin boy had to make a visit to the vet because he was very lethargic and not eating. His bloodwork indicated a high white blood cell count meaning an infection was somewhere in his body. His phosphorus was also high, and my hubby was given the task of giving him liquid meds a couple of times a day. The only thing worse than trying to give a cat a pill is giving a cat liquid medicine!

He went back for a recheck on his blood, and the white cell count was even higher. An ultrasound was done and we found out that he has lymphoma - cancer around his stomach. All of the cancers to get, lymphoma is somewhat treatable, although not cureable.

He was also very dehydrated, and after spending a couple of days getting IV fluids, antibiotics, and starting him on chemo medicine, he is eating again! His blue badge of courage is now off his leg, and it looks like he is wearing Ugg boots!

All of my animals have some of my heart, but Calvin has the largest piece of it. He is the only thing I got from my aunt when she passed away, and he is one special boy. We will love on him for as long as he has left and will do what we can to make him comfortable until the time that he must journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

If you believe in prayer, please say one for him. Thank you to all our Catster friends for your love and support - you are the greatest!


A New England Life said...

I can just see by looking in his eye's he's feeling the effects of the illness. Calvins eyes are usually wide and bright.

Do what you can Laura. Keep him close and do what you can. He still has some fight left in him yet.


Mikki said...

Aw, Laura. I'm sorry. I will of course add your sweet boy to my prayers. Pets are so precious, and even more so I'm sure in this kind of instance. I hope he will have a good amount of time still with you, and that he'll be most comfortable.

Rebecca & Twixy said...

Laura, please give Calvin a hug from me. I am praying for him. I had no idea what he was going through until reading this. My heart goes out to you both. Poor little guy. He is in my thoughts & prayers.


Anonymous said...

Rufus and I will both be thinking our very best thoughts. It's such a tough, tough thing.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh laura

i am so sorry. calvin is a beautiful soul and so lucky to have you and your family.

i am thinking of all of you and sending all of my love.

CatHerder said...

Keeping Calvin in my thoughts and prayers...I have seen cats do well with treatment..most important thing is that he has you to take care of him, and he knows you love him! >^..^<

T said...

Oh Laura, I'm just catching up. I am so sorry to read about Calvin. He will be in my daily prayers.

One day at a time, and never waste a moment.

Love and hugs.