Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Remembrances

Tomorrow is National Homeless Animals Day. It's fitting that a day that calls attention to homeless animals falls on the weekend with the 2nd anniversary of Mom's passing (Sunday).

I've lived my entire life with dogs and cats - most of whom were strays. It is a passion that I can't ignore, and believe me, at times I've tried! Here I am with Peaches, one of Mom's most favorite dogs. She was a very clingy cocker spaniel, and later in life had an eye removed, so she always looked like she was winking at you!

This is little black kitty - who will remain nameless because I know the rule like the back of my hand:

If you give the stray a name, he is yours to keep!

I think he might live in the next court over to ours, but like those before him, he knows a home that will give him food! He hangs out in our front flower bed in the shade of the ornamental grasses. I leave him food and water on the porch because he is skinny, and I can't say no to skinny cats.

But, guess who took this picture of little black kitty? It wasn't me! He is a softie for homeless animals too! If you have room in your life and heart for a shelter animal, this weekend would be a good time to check out your local humane society - or feed a stray in your neighborhood! If you are in the Louisville area, Animal Care Society is a non-kill shelter I support!


Anonymous said...

I think that kitten is beautiful and you don't HAVE a black one! And his tummy spot is TOO cute! I think he needs to come in! Maybe he could live with Sugar!

Pegasus said...

More than anything I've always wished I didn't have allergies to animals!!!!

A New England Life said...

Two years already? I know it must seem like it was yesterday Laura.

The picture of you with Peaches is precious. You always look like a little princess in your childhood photos.

A black kitty, huh? Will it ever end?

Mikki said...

What a pretty kitty! Aw, Laura--you're such a sweetie, it's good of you to feed her. I'm wondering how long it will be before you giver her a name?

Mikki said...

Oops! I mean Him.

Starchy said...

Have you named it yet?