Friday, August 21, 2009

Third Time Is A Charm!

I haven't had much time to blog this week because I've been shuffling cats to and from the vet's office for yearly visits. First up was Sugar - just for bloodwork. She is on thyroid and high blood pressure medicine, and every six months we make sure her levels are okay, and that the medicine is not affecting her kidneys.

Then it was Gleek's turn! Try getting this heafty mancat into a carrier! They never want to go in the carrier, and then you can't get them out of it when you get to the vet's office!

We love our vets - there are three women veterinarians, and the vet techs are awesome!

Yesterday was Violet's turn. He talked the entire way there, during the exam, and all the way home! I've seen very few cats that enjoy the car ride. The talking in the car is unlike anything you'll ever hear them do. I'm so thankful our vet's office is only 5 minutes away from our home!

And then there is Newman. He'll jump in a carrier anytime! He didn't need to go to the vet - he loves the carriers - well, he will love them until it's his time to go, and then I'll have to search the house for him!

Thankfully, they are all healthy! Enjoy your weekend - we're hitting the Kentucky State Fair tomorrow.


Darlene said...

Awwwww, they are all so beautiful! Gleek looks like he is HUGE!!! Oh, and I am cracking up at Violet's talking....I know exactly what you mean!

Tangie is our ridiculous one. I have never gone into the room when they are giving her shots and I have no CLUE how they get it done. She HATES everyone except her immediate family!! About 5 years ago we had to board her (at the vet) when we went on vacation and I had to go and get her out of the cage when we got back. She was like a wild cat hissing, trying to scratch and biting. It was CRAZY! Once I got her into the carrier and back home she was just fine

Pegasus said...

yay for healthy furry friends! They all keep you going!!

Vanessa said...

I'm glad that none of them came home with a "cone of shame."

A New England Life said...

Glad everycat is okay! Just think of Gleek as a small dog and then he won't seem so heavy. LOL!

Luna's going to have her teeth cleaned in September. Somehow I don't think that will sit well with her! Maybe they can do a little lipo at the same time ; )

Mikki said...

You're such a good momma Laura! I need to get my kitties into the vet. They're due for more rabies shots.
I also need to get my kiddies into the doc too. They're also due for shots. Oh, and my girls need to go to the optometrist, and the dentist, and I need a .......
Guess I better make some appointments.

Starchy said...

Love that shot of Gleek. He looks so thrilled. I heard Violet talking from here!

disa said...
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