Saturday, July 18, 2009

You Dirty Deck!

What do you do on the only weekend in Louisville's history where it has been 70 degrees in the middle of July? Play golf? Well, yes, if you played golf. But, we don't - so, you powerwash the deck!

First you start with a very dirty deck. The patio and the deck get this dirty from the hickory and elm trees that surround the house.

Then you add a man in a shower cap, acrylic face mask, and rain poncho. When he put on the shower cap, I told him he reminded me of the lunchroom lady. His reply? The lunchroom lady had a better mustache! Bada bing!

Then you spend hours getting the green and black grime off the deck. The uprights take the longest because they have never been done. And the reason they have never been done is because we've never had 70 degree weather in the middle of July!

Here is the semi-finished bottom deck. Tomorrow the semi-transparent gray stain goes on. And what a deal I got! I went to Home Depot with the thought of getting a colored stain. I glanced at the discount table, and there was a gallon of their best semi-transparent stain in gray - usually marked down to $5.00, but it was further discounted to . . . . . . . $1.00!

I needed two gallons, so the paint dude opened the discounted gallon just to make sure it was really the gray color marked on the can. He mixed up another gallon for me - at the regular $32.00 price.

Pictures of the finished deck on Monday!


Doreen said...

Ted sure is a good sport. LUNCHROOM LADY? Ted has better legs than the lunchroom lady.

Mikki said...

Wow!!! what busy work!!! I can't wait to see the after shots. HOpe you guys are planning on putting your feet up and relaxing all day Sunday!!!

A New England Life said...

Oh Ted, your just too funny!!!

Hope you get the deck done today. It sure looks like a lot of area to cover in one day.

Don't you just love the pressure washer? Brent uses our to take mold off the side of the foundation too. It's a man's must-have tool!

Lorrie said...

Great job Ted. We love our pressure washer--you'll feel like you've got a brand new deck!

Snowdrops said...

Never mind it being a ''Man must have tool..'' I LOVE them !!!!!!!!!

Just need the garden now.. and got to wait another 16 or so months to move to have a garden !!

Your deck looks great... pity it has to have anything on it !

Pegasus said...

Great job!! And we paid someone else to do it. We could have hired you two pros!!