Monday, July 13, 2009

A Man and a Stick!

Once upon a time there was a man. A former Eagle scout who wanted to live in the country . . . . to become one with nature . . . . . . tend to a garden . . . . . . and build a snake stick!

When the woman heard about the idea, she laughed because she had never heard of a snake stick before. She humored the man because that is what women do sometimes. The snake stick was built.

It was a fine snake stick . . . . . waiting to catch a snake. And it has caught many a snake. Of course, the woman had to eat crow the first time the snake stick did its thing. Neighbors from far and wide knock on the door of the man with the snake stick.

Can you get the snake out of my strawberry pot?, one neighbor asked. Seeing a man doing battle with a snake to protect his neighborhood is a thing of beauty!

So, you can imagine how excited the man was when about ten minutes ago he looked into the backyard and declared, Oh my gosh, look at that snake!

The woman ran to get her camera. He told her to keep an eye on the snake - he was off to get the snake stick!

This four foot gigantic monster had no chance against the man and his snake stick! Just like the man, the snake stick is gentle and kind. It only holds the snake in a loop until the snake gets relocated and released into the wild again!

And the woman breathed a sigh of relief that she was safe once again to go into her backyard! Thank you, Mr. Snake Stick Man!


Pegasus said...

What a saga!! If I ever have need of a snake stick....TED's my man!! Great way to tell the story.

A New England Life said...

What the heck kind of snake is that! I've never seen anything that size around here before, thank goodness!

You've got a good man there Laura ; )


Snowdrops said...

I like snakes.. and I like the snake stick....

Everything is back as it should be and the Snake Stick Man is a hero !

Doreen said...

OOHHH Laura I needed the snake stick man yesterday. It was only about 12 inches long but it could have been 12 feet. I got in the pool and there he was. I screamed and ran for cover. My snake didn't have a happy ending. My snake man was never an eagle scout.

T said...

YIKES!! Snake...shudders....
Ted handled the snake with the snake stick quite well.

I will admire the snake from afar, but great story telling:))

Melissa and Emmitt said...

that was one huge snake and one woonderful husband!
great story and pics!

Darlene said...

I am glad that snake is gone!!!! It wouldn't have been so lucky in our yard to just get relocated. I know there are supposed to be "good" snakes but the only good snake for me is a dead one.