Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Light Up My Life!

Remember this mess of a chandelier I picked up for a mere $20?

Here is what it looks like now - painted and full of crystals! I'm hoping to replace my handmade crystals as I find the real thing at flea markets.

It is now lighting up the sunroom, and I mean lighting it up! I would have liked to let it hang a little lower, but then heads would get bumped! I think it's a nice change from the ceiling fan that was there before.

For those of you who don't visit my Cat in the Clover blog, I posted yesterday about Rocky's journey to the Rainbow Bridge. The house really seems empty without him here today. He will forever live in our hearts.


Beth said...

I love making something new from something old. Your new light is gorgeous!

Snowdrops said...

It looks beautiful..

and going straight to Cat in Clover....

T said...

Wow, that has turned out beautiful!!
Great job. I really enjoy seeing all of your remodeling jobs.

I am sorry Laura, It is going to take time, one day at a time.:(

Pegasus said...

So sorry to hear about Rocky!!! You took great care of him!!

The chandelier looks fantastic!!
Great work!

Darlene said...

I am so sorry to hear about Rocky.

That chandelier looks beautiful and I love where you have it.

A New England Life said...

The chandelier is very shabby chic. I'm sure it gives your sunroom a whole different look. Your such a bargain shopper Laura!

I hope you and Ted are doing okay since Rocky went to the bridge. It has to be hard since he left as quickly as he did. Poor Sugar, it has to be hard on her too.