Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dollars and Sense

It's time for another Galapalooza horse! I was at a stop light on Hurstbourne Lane and quickly took this picture of the horse that sits in front of the American Founders Bank.

The horse is named Dollars and Sense, and the artist is Joshua Howard.

I wonder if kids try to get on these horses and pose for a photo?

We are setting a new record for the city of Louisville for the month of July. We have never had a July on record where the temperature didn't reach 90 degrees. It looks like we are going to set that record, and just for the record, I'd like to never have another July where the temperature hits 90!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh i love your horse postings! they are all so interesting!

we are having a nice cool summer too in louisville, co! parallel universes!

i am with you! i hope every summer is like this!

Beth said...

Cool horse! Maybe it'll cool off soon.

Sheesh. Who am I kidding? August is just around the bend.

Darlene said...

I'll try to send you some of our hot weather if you will send some of your cooler weather

LOVE that horse. It would make a great photo horse.

A New England Life said...

So there are horses all over town, is that right? That's pretty cool!

Isn't it the strangest weather this year? At least we are finally having some summer warmth though I know many could do without it. Poor Seattle is baking!

Anonymous said...

I will try and remember to take a camera to work and share some of the horses I see downtown. Phyllis

Mikki said...

Pretty horse!
Ugh! I think I want to come to Kentucky! I'm so sick of the Vegas heat.

Pegasus said...

great horse! I haven't seen this one.

Three cheers for this month's weather!!! GREAT

PurrPrints said...

I haven't seen that one around town before--it's always fun to discover new ones hiding about :)

Snowdrops said...

Love the horses.. they need to come visit our buffalos!!

We have our usuall 100F + summer.. will gladly send it ... 110 the other day ... yuk