Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Year Has Gone By ~

These two wonderful people are the reason I'm celebrating a birthday today. I only wish they were here to celebrate with me.

I will be partying tonight with the Red Hots as it is our scheduled night. Ted and I went to dinner last night. I think it's best to celebrate all week long, don't you?

I've always had a posse of girlfriends. These were the Red Hots of 1964, although we probably called ourselves the Princess Pals or the Barbie Bunch. Some things never change - like my bangs, and the fact that whenever you get a group of girlfriends together, you have to wear hats - no matter how silly you may look!

Have a piece of cake on me today!


Doreen said...

Happy Birthday -- Sorry I'm going to miss the party. You know I like a good party. Here is my song to you -- Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to yoouuu. Happy Birthday to YOU. Move over Susan Boyle. hahaha


Melissa and Emmitt said...

happy birhtday laura!
oh i love all of your photos! what a wonderful, special group of friends!

Rebecca & Twixy said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday to you, Laura! I just love your new blog design and all the b-day pics! I hope you have a great day today.


T said...

Happy Birthday! By all means, YES, celebrate all week!!

What great photos, and hats!!!

You girls always look like you have a blast!!

Vanessa said...

Have a wonderful day!

A New England Life said...

I love your blog Laura! It's so pretty! I also love that you celebrate your birthday unabashedly. Good for you! After all we only have so many ; )

I hope this is a great one! Can't wait to see the latest Red Hot picture!


Snowdrops said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady... may you have many more

Darlene said...

Happy, HAPPY belated birthday!!!! Mine is on Friday!!!! I LOVE all your birthday photos!! Hope you had a GREAT one!

The Muse said...

A reason to eat cake?
Oh honey child, bless you! LOL

Cocker Spaniel Girls said...

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Laura. I love all the dress up party pictures. Looks like a lot of fun and laughs!

Starchy said...

CRAP! I missed your birthday! I am so sorry! Happy Very Belated Birthday! Love all the Red Hot hat photos!