Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remember the Good Times!

High school graduation - do you remember yours? It's a time when you think you know everything. But you really don't know what you don't know!

Last night Jake graduated - he is the last of the three boys to graduate from high school - his parents are good friends of mine from college. Jake is my favorite of the three!

Graduation was held at the largest church in town - that is Jake's picture on the screen. They show all the seniors' photos and the colleges they plan to attend. Sorry for the photo quality - I had my small camera with me and I was lucky to get anything at that distance away.

After all the seniors parade across and get their diplomas, they come out into the crowd with a rose for their parents. Here is Jake hugging his Mom.

And hugging Dad too!

Of course, family is there - here is one of his older brothers, Zack. Zack is my favorite of the three, even with hair that belongs on a girl! Just like I said above, you don't know what you don't know. One day he'll know that this hair looks ridiculous, but you have to learn that on your own!

I don't have a photo of other older brother, Andrew. He is my favorite of the three. I like his hair! And how lucky that they still have two grandmothers and one grandfather - here is Grandma and Grandpa - Grandpa's wife is on the other side of him.

Today is graduation party day! Congratulations to Jacob and good luck at Western Kentucky University next year!

Congratulations also to Red Hot Bargain Babe's two girls - one is graduating from college, and the other is graduating with her Masters.

Congratulations to Red Hot Princess' nephew who is also graduating from high school!


T said...

Wow, congratulations to all the graduates! I love how when you mention each one, they are your favorite of the 3. LOL!

Pegasus said...

What a fantastic day and a fantastic feeling!! :0)

nikkicrumpet said...

Lots of graduates!! And don't kill me....but I like his hair lol