Saturday, May 23, 2009

How To Spend A Saturday!

We have several projects we're working on at one time - mainly because summer is the only opportunity Ted has to help me with my long list. I spent yesterday cutting the upper half of the dining room walls. I'd much rather roll than cut - it takes forever!

This morning I started the rolling. My trusty assistant was helping the entire time! I knew I should have bought that awesome paint for the top half too because it didn't cover nearly as well. I'll have pictures when everything is finished. Above the chair rail is a shade of silver that really appears to be a blue color against that darker gray on the bottom. I love the way it looks!

Then we tackled the unfinished part of our lower level. Please tell me you have a place in your house that looks like this? I was about to lose my mind over the mess! We could hardly walk in here from all the stuff we brought from my parents' house.

So, we spent about nine hours in here - sorting, pitching, consolidating, recycling. We have more to do tomorrow, but I have enough stuff for a yard sale. I may decide that it is not worth doing a yard sale (Lorie, I hear you yelling - donate it instead - it's not worth the trouble!), and it will get donated to my vet's office who is having a yard sale next month.

Tomorrow we celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. We went to Washington DC on our honeymoon because neither of us had been there before. We were in Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day, and saw Ronald Reagan drive by in a limo for a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Mikki said...

Gosh Laura, will you come do my place next??? Yes, my garage actually looks worse than that.
Happy Anniversary!!!!
Happy Memorial day too!

Gundo in Downtown said...

Happy anniversary and tons more! Don't worry - everyone has messy spots - mine happen to be inside most of the closets!

Jane and Gunny

Pegasus said...


Looks like you have quite the job ahead of you...I hope you can enjoy part of it, at least!

Anonymous said...

I spent all winter cleaning my unfinished area and then Kevin came back home and now his stuff is in my "cleaned up" basement. I may just give up on the idea of a tidy unfinished area.

A New England Life said...

All I know is that if it weren't for Newman nothing would get done around there!

Snowdrops said...

Happy Anniversary !!

.....and the .... ''not tidy'' bit... you mean some people DON'T have them ?????

Cocker Spaniel Girls said...

Happy belated Anniversary! Hope you took the day off to celebrate!