Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Help!

Anybody that says you can't get good help these days obviously doesn't own a cat or a dog. When I discovered this mess in the corner of the dining room several weeks ago, I wondered where it came from.

I soon discovered that my personal interior decorator decided that it was time for the wallpaper border to go. Check out the corner to see where he started removing it for me.

Well, Newman was right! I've been looking at those roses for 10 years - gee, has it really been that long?

So, after finishing the paint job in the study, I'm on a roll! The wallpaper border is history (Newman supervised the entire operation) . . . . new paint has been purchased . . . . . . and I'll be working on that project for the next few days!

Guess what else happened today? I went out in the backyard tonight to take some trash out, and a bat swooped down and touched my shirt and hair! Yes, it was a bat, and yes, I screamed bloody murder - did you hear me?


A New England Life said...

Good for Newman! Maybe he should be your interior decorator from now on. Phin helped remove the wallpaper in my spare bathroom but at least he didn't start it for me!

I like bats, I really do. But a bat in my hair? I draw the line. So that's what the dogs were barking at last night, your screams! lol!


♥Mimi♥ said...

I have little helpers around my house just like yours! Aren't they great? Too bad the border I want removed next is the one at the ceiling and my ceilings are 9' high☺

About the bats...those are good little buddies to have around the house! You'd be surprised how many bugs they eat in an evening. I wonder if yours needed glasses. They usually aren't seen during the day. Or, maybe it's a baby and has it's days and nights mixed up!

Cocker Spaniel Girls said...

LOL gotta love kittens and puppies always into something.
Good grief a Bat flying at you is scary I would have screamed too.